Tibor Voros

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A business-oriented senior HRM and change agent with extensive experience leading large global HR organizations in successful acquisition integrations, business transformations, simplification and growth. A well-appreciated strategic partner of the CEO and leadership team with unique business acumen, coaching and influencing skills delivering results.



International HR Experience – Strong cultural and situational adaption skills with more than 30 years of experience in Europe and North America – 3 years in the UK and Germany, 3 Years in Spain, 2 Years in France, 8 Years in the USA.

Business Transformation – Deep leadership experience in driving change and building capabilities while successfully leading the transformation of 100-year-old GE Lighting into a digital-, solution- and project-oriented business.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Built domain from integrating small- and medium-sized businesses (e.g. Kraut Kramer Germany) to large corporate mergers (Alstom Grid and GE Digital Energy) with a strong focus on culture, talent, leadership and business capabilities.

Supply Chain/Labor Relations – Successfully led national and European-wide Works Council/Union negotiations with no strikes. Managed a 2,500 employee reduction in Hungary negotiating with local unions and managed government and media relations.

Organization Design & Capability– Unique ability to detect organization capability needs and address them – changed 80% of the lighting engineering team from chemists to electronics, optics and software engineers. Built an outcome selling commercial organization.

Simplification/Restructuring – Drives leadership span expansion, reducing organization layers and simplifying footprint meanwhile retaining key talents and capabilities by challenging the status quo resulting in a leaner, more effective organization with minimal disruption. Downsized the Grid business from 21,000 to 17,600 in two years and changed top 70% of leadership while building EPC functional capabilities and increasing profitability.